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Services – My Most Valuable Advice
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What’s The Effect Of Google Algorithm Updates?

To some, it is still a mystery to understand Google algorithms and those that are used by other search engines. For this, let’s get started from the very beginning.

Algorithm is a kind of mathematical process used by a computer to solve problems or answer questions. In 1998, Google was first launched and became the leading search engine since then. But when it comes to search engine algorithm however, it is meant to find file in the internet. There are various algorithms that are used by Google but the very first algorithm that was ever used is Google PageRank, which job is measuring the importance of websites. The function of such is counting the quality and quantity of links to a particular website to be able to determine its importance and thus, its ranking is compared to other pages in the same category or field.

Basically, Google makes used of the assumption that websites ought to be given with more importance if it has more links from the rest and from that, it is rating the site with higher ranking on SERP or Search Engine Results Page. PageRank happens to be as the most used and known algorithm utilized by Google. As a matter of fact, there’s a whole industry of businesses that are taking advantage of PageRank which is now called simply as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Google’s algorithm is changing around 500 to 600 times per year which is more than once per day whether you believe it or not. The changes are being implemented to be able to make the search experience a lot more relevant for users. In reality, majority of these changes are just minor and not changing the ranking of the site to noticeable degree. For almost 20 years, Google keeps refining their search engine service which becomes more complex along with their immense algorithms that affect how websites are being ranked.

The truth is, both named and named as well, there are major Google update have been rolling out on a regular basis. Companies that provide SEO services devote a big portion of their resources to be able to find out how each is affecting the website they’re managing. As for the sites that are engaged in the ecommerce industry, the stakes is absolutely higher. You can expect that the website is going to rate well if it is built and well maintained following the best practices with focus on unique content as well as easy to navigate user experience. Having a strong website ranking will soon lead to a superior page rank which will then deliver more traffic to the website.

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